the sad thing is i actually believed someone wanted me like i wanted them.

5:25 pm  •  1 October 2014

the only thing that keeps me positive at the moment is how unpredictable things are. anything could happen.

2:01 pm  •  30 September 2014

note to self: do not get attached. do not get feelings. do not think to much.

i’m not in to deep yet and i’m not going to make the same mistake twice.

1:59 pm  •  30 September 2014

if there is one thing i’m sure of right now is that i’m glad i’m over you, i feel so much better. no more stupid paranoid thoughts because i now couldnt care less:)))) i now know not to get to attached to anyone unless i’m sure they aren’t just going to mess me up.

4:27 pm  •  29 September 2014

I am sick to death of being made to believe that someone actually fucking likes me and then slowly gets bored in the space of like a week? I’m done, it brings me down and makes me feel like a worthless piece of crap.

3:37 pm  •  25 September 2014

today was a tiny bit better, but i’m just scared i got my hopes up to soon

2:17 pm  •  24 September 2014