You know me all too well and I can’t suppress the memories. You’re gone and I can tell that I’ve lost more than you’ll ever see. Don’t say that its not fair that you’re not the person you wanna be. You’ll be the end of me. You’ll be the end of me.
― End Of Me - A Day To Remember (via gerardmckinnon)
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fuck you, you have no idea how hard it is. you don’t even know half of it. so mad.

3:19 am  •  19 April 2014

Fuck i miss you so much, even if you meant nothing. I have nothing to distract myself with and its killing.

4:06 am  •  10 April 2014

for like 5 months we spoke everyday and now its been over 2 months since we last spoke. i hate missing someone who i shouldn’t but hey, i’m pathetic like that. fuck this.

3:36 pm  •  3 April 2014

i wish my luck was as good as yours ugh
things are looking up though

4:45 pm  •  20 March 2014

i just want to know why, that is all and then i can forget maybe.

11:04 am  •  16 March 2014
You are my 3 AM thoughts.
― six word story (via forever-and-alwayss)

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