Perhaps the fact
that I chased a boy
who ripped me to shreds
says a lot more
about me
than it did about him.
Michelle K., Lessons Learned (via spookypoolparty)
8:22 pm  •  22 July 2014  •  303,460 notes

i’ve only gone and got fucking close to you again when i promised myself i wouldnt for my own good. but no i end up caring about you more than you’ll ever care about me.

3:20 pm  •  22 July 2014

i can see where this is going, slowly getting bored of talking to me. i guess it always starts out great then it all just stops.

i just need you because i really cannot lose you again ffs.

3:08 pm  •  22 July 2014

i guess its not the same as it was two months ago. its sad having dead end conversations ugh..

5:47 pm  •  20 July 2014  •  1 note
I fought like hell for you.
― Six Word Story #81 by absentions (via absentions)
6:11 pm  •  16 July 2014  •  9,827 notes

i really wish you didn’t mean so much to me, i can see how this is going. you’re already bored of me and don’t care.

i just need someone who genuinely cares about me the same as i do about them.

6:11 pm  •  16 July 2014